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Monday 29th January 2018

Well January is almost over and just six weeks until the start of our summer season, something to look forward to. Today 32 members turned out to play an ‘alternative stableford’ competition, a bit of a variation on the scoring system, negative points for bogeys or worse. Today’s winner by a ‘country mile’ was Sandy Thorburn with 48 points, runner up with 38 points was Malcolm Pearson, Adam Aitken was 3d with 35 points and Stuart Richardson 4th with 33 points. Two’s recorded by Guy Newing, Brian Richards and Sandy Thorburn x 2

Thursday 25th January 2018

A bright sunny morning welcomed the members turning out to play in a stableford competition. Winner today was David Langley with 43 points, runner up was Bill Anson also with 43 points. One of our recent new members David Smith was 3rd with 42 points and Adam Aitken was 4th also with 42 points. Just the one two recorded today and that good fellow was yet again Malcolm Pearson

Monday 22nd January 2018

A cool breeze, otherwise a decent day for golf. Format for the day was a Yellowball Team Stableford and it was good to see that all those that entered turned out to play. 30 members, 10 teams took part in the event. The winning team was that of John Turner, John Thwaites and Brian Richardson with 95 points. Runners up were Andy Swanston, Gronwyn Hughes and David Parson with 91 points and in 3rd place were Ian Melrose, Douglas Pringle and Ian Castle with 89 points

Thursday 18th January 2018

A light covering of snow on the course was enough for a few members to cancel any thought of playing. Never the less 9 teams did take part in a Sixsome competition and within a short space of time the snow cleared and the sun shone to make for a pleasant mornings golf. The winning pair were Paul Whitehouse and Guy Newing with a net 61. Runners up were Peter Milnes & John Turner with a net 65 and in 3rd place was the pairing of John Roberson & Peter Flynn with a net 66

Thursday 11th January 2018

A good day for golfing, little or no wind and warmer out than of late, 29 members took part in a Bogey competition, interesting format in that for the majority a gross birdie seemed for nowt. Three members returned scores of +8. So, on a CPO it was George Bullamore 1st, Dennis Massey 2nd and Bob Paterson 3rd. In 4th place with +5 was Jim Cruddas. Two’s recorded by Peter Hudson, David Parsons & Warren Holt

Monday 8th January 2018

A cold, bright, frosty morning greeting members brave enough to turn out and play. 29 members to part in a medal competition and considering the unpredictable bounce there was some good returns. Non more so than that man again, Ken Sloan who returned a net 68. Runner up was Ernie Duncan with a net 69, Chris Seed was 3rd also with a net 69 and in 4th place was Brian Richardson with a net 70. Two’s recorded by Brian Richardson and David Walby

Thursday 4th January 2018

Not the best of starts to the New Year. Today’s competition cancelled and just the back 9 open for play

The committee wishes all members ‘All the Best’ for 2018 and hope you all have a good year’s golf

Thursday 28th December 2017

Another frosty day for the members playing the final stableford of the year 2017. No doubt being the festive season family commitments took priority with just 24 members taking part. The top three all returned 41 points so on a CPO it was Ken Sloan 1st, Paul Whitehouse 2nd & Harry Smith 3rd. 4th place went to Warren Holt with 37 points and 5th place also with 37 points was David Hoggard.

See you all next year. The committee wishing all members a Happy New Year and good golfing during 2018

Thursday 21st December 2017

A really pleasant day for golf, especially on the shortest day of the year. The members took part in an Ambrose Scramble, (a Texas Scramble but played in pairs) It seems to have been a format that was enjoyed by all that took part. Winners were Bill Anson & David Parson with a net 61, runners up were Brian Richardson & Peter Hudson with a net 62, In 3rd place was the pairing of Adam Aitken & Guy Newing with a net 62.5. 4th pair was Des Bitcon & Dennis Massey with a net 63.5

Monday 18th December 2017

The Mallards Annual Christmas Cracker Stableford followed by Christmas Lunch. The start of the morning’s golf was delayed, on the advice of the ground staff due to frost and slippery conditions Once play started 38 members took part in the event. There was a goodly number of prizes available today and numerous prize winners, to many to name, so the top 5 in order were John Welch, 44 points, Ken Sloan 42 points, Bob Paterson 41 points, George Bullamore 40 points and Stuart Richardson 40 points. Following on from today’s results and some recent results, one member has qualified for an exceptional scores handicap reduction

Thursday 14th December 2017

Wet day. Hard ground, slippery underfoot, not the best conditions for golf. Quite a few members did venture out but the majority gave up for one reason or another. Just six hardy souls returned a score but that’s it. No Snowball points gained today.

The committe would bring to your attention that Jim Samuel died last Friday, 8th December. Jim had been a member for many years until his illness. It is understood that it is to be a private funeral

Monday 11th December 2017

A cold, cold day, heavy frost over the weekend made for an interesting round of golf, good bounces for some, bad bounces for others. The full course was reopened at the weekend so it was back to playing 18 holes and some good scores recorded today despite the frosty ground. Winner was Jim Fihelebon with 43 points. Runner up was Brian Richardson also with 43 points. In 3rd place was Des Bitcon with 42 points and 4th was David Hoggard with 41 points. Two’s recorded by Bob Paterson, Ian Melrose & Peter Hudson

Thursday 7th December 2017

Heavy overnight rain put any thoughts of playing at least 17 holes to one side. Still considering the wind and the chill that was there today the majority were happy to play just the 9 holes. All winter greens today and obviously suited John Glendinning as he returned the winning score of 26 points. Runner up was Ken Sloan with 25 points. Brian Richardson also returned 25 points for 3rd place and in 4th was Bill Anson with 23 points

Monday 4th December 2017

Good day for golf, dry and reasonably warm little or no wind. Just the back nine open for play but following a few days without rain there has been a remarkable transformation to the wet areas of the course, they are drying out nicely and with a bit of luck we will be playing the full course on Thursday. Back to today it was a stableford competition with 34 players taking part in the event. Winner today was Bob Paterson with 26 points, runner up was Sandy Thorburn with 23 points. In 3rd place was Dennis Massey with 22 points and in 4th was Jim Cruddas also with 22 points. Just the one 2 recorded by Bob Paterson.