Scratch Team


With the loss of a few players from previous seasons we knew that this year presented a great opportunity to introduce a new team, under new leadership with an emphasis on team spirit and promoting youth. The 2017 season was a disappointing one for the Eden Scratch Team, finishing bottom of the league with a total of 39 points.

After receiving excellent support from club owner Julie Wannop and men’s treasurer Guy Newing the team were pleased to be provided with new team tops and jackets ahead of the first round of matches. Thanks to club apparel provider Pro-Quip for supplying the kit.

Below are the results and individual performances from what has been a fantastic season for the team. Many thanks to all for taking part and representing the club so well.


2018 Results

Eden v Brampton B   10:2
Penrith B v Eden   5:7
Silloth v Eden   6:6
Eden v Appleby   7:5
Stonyholme v Eden   8:4
Eden v Stonyholme   6:6
Eden v Silloth   11:1
Eden v Penrith B   5:7
Brampton B v Eden   8:4
Appleby v Eden   8:4


Final League Table

1st   Stonyholme – 80
2nd   Appleby – 70
3rd   Eden – 64
4th   Silloth – 56
5th   Brampton B – 50
6th   Penrith B – 40


The Team

We were pleased to be able to field a full 6 players to every fixture throughout the season involving a total of 12 players from the squad. Here are the players in team order with their individual results for the season.

Ben Hoyle          P8:   W3, L3, D2
Jonny Coates          P3:   W2, L0, D1
Ben Johnstone          P7:   W3, L2, D2
Tommy Hoyle          P6:   W1, L4, D1   +1 w/o
Alex Park          P6:   W2, L4, D0
Chris Reay          P1:   W0, L1, D0
Greg Mossop          P9:   W4, L5, D0
Dave Redfern          P7:   W5, L2, D0   +2 w/o
Lewis Ransley          P4:   W3, L1, D0
Paul Nelson          P2:   W1, L1, D0
Craig Hindmarsh          P2:   W1, L1, D0
Steve Park          P1:   W0, L1, D0

Special mention to our Scratch Team Player of the Season Dave Redfern who won all of his matches at home and would have perhaps had more wins to his name if all his opponents had turned up. Also to Lewis Ransley as our Upcoming Scratch Team Player of the Season.

After successfully beating last seasons total score by 25 points we look forward to next season now with the aim to improve on the results from this season and get closer to the top of the table.


Scratch Team Captain: Ben Hoyle
Scratch Team Vice Captain: Tommy Hoyle