Competition Rules


The attachment below explains the rules governing competitions run by the Eden Golf Club Gents section, as approved at the AGM.  The rules also cover the formats for the competitions.

Should you wish to comment or suggest amendments to the rules, these must be in writing, for the attention of the Captain.  The Captain will then arrange for any proposed amendment to be advertised (locker room and website) for consultation.  Depending on the outcome of the consultation the Committee will either implement the rule change (minor with significant support) or present the proposed change (major with mixed support) at the next AGM for approval / rejection by all members.

Winter 2017/18 Golf Rules

1 Entry Fee: Entry fee of £2.50 must be paid in the Pro shop prior to play.   There will be no separate 2’s competition during the winter months.  Also an (one-off) entry fee of £2.50 will be required for the overall Winter Competition.  This must be paid by Sunday 27 November 2016.
2 Format: Individual competitions will be Stableford. An Overall Winter competition will run alongside the individual Stablefords.
3 Handicap Allowance: Individual Competitions = Full handicap on normal greens; ¾ of full handicap on winter greens.
4 Handicap Divisions:   There will be two divisions, 0 – 14 and 15 – 28.
5 Handicap Reductions: The first three places in each division will have their handicap reduced as follows – 1st place 1.0, 2nd place 0.6 and 3rd 0.4. There will be no handicap increases during the winter months.
6 Preferred lies: “Through the Green”, i.e. a ball may be lifted , cleaned and then placed within 6″ no nearer the hole anywhere on the course. Remember to mark your ball before lifting, otherwise a one shot penalty is incurred.
7 Plugged Ball: A ball that is embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole
8 Relief in Bunkers:   If your ball is in a bunker you may, without penalty mark your ball, lift and clean it, rake the bunker and place (not drop) the ball as near as possible to the position from which it was lifted.  Please re-rake the bunker before moving on.
9 Etiquette: Remember to repair your pitch marks and if using a trolley follow designated routes when areas surrounding normal greens are roped off. This will assist the greenkeeping staff in preparing the course for next season.
10 Slow Play:   Beware of slow play! Keep up with the group in front, and wave players through rather than delaying them.
Eden Gents Committee Version 3: dated 10 November 2016

Revised Club Rules To Follow……