Golf…… A Healthy Sport

Golf isn’t just a social game, it’s a healthy game too!

Here at Eden Golf Club we want to make our members & visitors aware of the health benefits of playing golf

Our main factors are:-

Let’s Get Physical

One of the many benefits of participating in sports is that it improves your physical fitness. Golf, specifically, provides moderately intense physical activity, such as walking, carrying your bag, and swinging. This increases your heart rate and blood flow, which results in a healthy heart, enhanced brain stimulation, and improved balance.

Low-risk injury sport

Golf is a leisurely sport and, compared to other sports, the overall risk of injury is low because it is not a contact sport. Though golf is primarily a sport of strategy, coordination and accuracy, there is some physical activity involved given the walking, swinging and pivoting. Golf is a low-risk injury sport but still provides just enough physical activity to keep the muscles engaged.

Reduces stress  

Golf helps to alleviate stress. Being in an outdoor area where you can interact with others who share your interests is a great way to forget any troubles. The pleasure of walking in an open and natural environment and spending time with friends places golfers in a good mood. This is because playing a round of golf can release endorphins – natural, mood-enhancing chemicals within our brains, making you happier and relaxed.

Did Somebody Say Weight Loss?

Improved physical fitness also means weight loss… The recommended number of steps for weight loss is about 10,000 steps. Spending 3 to 4 hours playing an 18 hole round will definitely exceed that amount.

Sleep Like a Baby  

A combination of exercise and fresh air on a regular basis is the ultimate recipe for a perfect night of sleep. Not only will you fall asleep faster, but you will also stay in deep sleep for longer. Head to the course, embrace the outdoors, and get a fulfilling night’s rest.