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Winter Course Maintenance

Throughout the Covid Lockdown, our greenkeepers have been working hard clearing out various ditches across the course and repairing pathways. The work they have done on the 12th & 13th holes with clearing the ditches has really made a difference to the challenge to golfers that these holes possess. The view when playing into the 12th green, and the view from the 13th tee is now much more visually inviting. The work that our greenstaff have done on the pathways looks fantastic. They have lengthened & lifted the paths to allow access on them all year round. Pictures are provided to show the progress that has been made.

Ditch in front of the 12th Green cleaned out
Ditch in front of the 13th tee cleared out, it has really opened up the hole!
Water flowing quickly from the 13th ditch
Work ongoing with the path extension on the 14th hole!
New path finished on the 16th hole!