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Steve’s Update – 30th November, 2017

For any sport the off-season is an important time to take stock and analyse the previous season to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our golf game.

Obviously golf can be slightly different to other sports, for example football, where you might just have to work on specific fitness or ball control skills. golf however, is harder because there are so many parts of the game that require a high level of skill to play well. Things can change from game to game. Having said that if you sit down and think your season through usually some sort of patter will emerge, for example poor tee shots can put major pressure on your game (unless you have the short game of Jordan Speith). Personally I think a player who is consistent with their tee shots and good from 50 yards in, including putting, is on a winner as far as putting scores together is concerned.

Once you have identified the priorities for improvement it is important to get a good analysis of the problem so you can work on the correct improvement plan, for example slicing off the tee with your driver. You need to understand why this is happening and the solutions (correct drill and practice).

If time is an issue I always advise players to concentrate mainly on the short game, there are tour players out there with very average long games but earn a good living via a great short game. Most players over 14 handicap could improve their score by 5 to 10 shots if they could take no more than 3 shots to get into the hole from 50 yards.

In summary my advice would be;

* Assess your strengths and weaknesses from the previous season

* plan an improvement programme over the off-season

* Check your equipment for suitability (especially driver)

* Get checked out for any physical issues that could hold back your progress (for example

lack of mobility/flexibility and imbalances will cause swing problems)

* Enjoy the challenge of reaching your goals next season.

I will be running some game improvement sessions over the winter which are listed below.

Mixed group – Thursday 6-7pm

Gents winter improvement group (full) – Thursday 7- 8pm

Mixed group – Starting soon Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm (Please contact me directly to enrol)

Junior sessions – Every Saturday 10-11am

Conditioning sessions (Body balance/flexibility & golf specific training)  (max 8 persons per group)

Special winter individual course; 1 x 60 minute analysis session followed by 4 x 30 minute follow up sessions £85.00.

To enrol on any of the above please contact me directly.

Steve Harrison

PGA (Advanced)

DIP Exercise Physiology

Sports Conditioning Professional.